Optimize your inventory workflows with real-time inventory calculations.

Examples of QsrSoft Inventory
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QsrSoft® Inventory

As a cloud application QsrSoft Inventory integrates with your POS system and supply chain partners to manage, optimize and automate your inventory workflows. Using recipes it continually maintains a perpetual inventory to allow for comparisons to actual inventory at any time. Easily enter inventory counts, waste counts, purchases, transfers and more. Third party integrations are available for your raw & menu item management, ordering or invoicing systems.

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What QsrSoft Inventory can do for you

  • Manage costs using the live inventory dashboard that displays calculated inventory quantities with the ability to drill into details
  • Display real time gain / loss report, enabling investigation and corrective actions
  • Validate transfers to reduce fraudulent inventory transfers
  • Improve data entry and accuracy with an intuitive interface including built in search, thresholds and other graphical indicators
  • Manages activation of new products and deactivation of products with no activity for accurate reporting
  • Capture inventory using mobile application or third party integration
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What our customers are saying

“QsrSoft Inventory is far superior to my old inventory application”Carla M. Franchisee TX

“With QsrSoft Inventory I have increased control over my inventory. The ability to have a live perpetual inventory at any point in the day and view it from any device is key to managing inventory in my organization.”Kevin C. Franchisee MN