Protect your profits with real time data and alerting.

Examples of QsrSoft Security
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QsrSoft® Security

QsrSoft Security leverages real time POS and surveillance system data to help identify questionable, excessive, and/or fraudulent transactions in your restaurants. Manage refunds, overrings, reductions, promos, discounts and more. Real time alerts can be setup and received via the iOS or Android MyQsrsoft application.

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What QsrSoft Security can do for you

  • Identify potentially fraudulent transactions in real time including a reprint of the receipt
  • Set thresholds for reporting graphs
  • Customize real time alerts via the mobile app
  • Integrate with surveillance footage
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What our customers are saying

“Being able to see promos and refunds real time has added $500,000 in revenue to my top line annually.”Jeff H. Franchisee GA

“QsrSoft Security has been a game changer. The ability to drill down and see actual transactional information has provided a level of security we have needed for a long time. Thank you QsrSoft for this brilliant addition to your product suite.”Dennis H. Director of Operations OR