Communication Tips with Gen X for Quick Service Restaurants: 5 Tips for Communicating With and Marketing to Generation X

Each generation is unique and responds differently to various communication styles. In order to reach your entire target demographic successfully, it’s important to use generational marketing tactics that speak to each generation in a way that will motivate them to visit your quick service restaurant again and again. 

Last time we looked at Baby Boomers. Today, we are focusing on the motivations and habits of Generation X, giving you tips to help communicate more effectively with them. 

Key Characteristics of Gen X

Generation X is referred to as a sandwich generation because they are caring for kids and elderly parents at the same time. Born between 1965 and 1980, this generation is the smallest, however, they have huge purchasing power. Not only is this generation busy at work and home, but they are also online quite a lot of the time. A whopping 80% of Gen Xers report they are on Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. 

This generation tends to be the most dedicated to routines, but is also known to make the most unplanned purchases. This makes Gen X a loyal group of customers once you’ve reeled them in. They are also a true hybrid when it comes to marketing and communication. They grew up during a time without the internet, but have fully embraced technology, including online ordering, which they love for the convenience. 

Now that you understand a little about what makes this generation tick, let’s look at how to communicate better with them and how you can more effectively market your quick service restaurant to them.

1 | Share Coupons and Offer Loyalty Rewards

Gen Xers love a good deal. Offering coupons or running a promotion for a discount is a surefire way to attract their attention. Once you have them hooked, turn them into loyal customers by offering them a loyalty program that gives a discount after a certain amount spent. Bonus: advertise your discounts and loyalty rewards programs on Facebook where Gen Xers are most likely to be. 

2 | Offer Online Ordering

While Gen X is a little less app-friendly than Millennials, they still like the convenience of ordering online. Offering a way to order in an app or on your website is your best bet when it comes to attracting this busy generation. They also tend to scan their phones for information and deals while visiting a restaurant in person, so make sure that your menu is easy to access online and that it is concise and easy to read. 

3 | In-Restaurant Tech is Great

Unlike Baby Boomers, Gen X has no problem with digital signage and menu boards or self-checkout options. And since Millennials and Gen Z love digital menu board and self-checkout options as well, you can get a bigger return on investment in these tech innovations for quick service restaurants. 

4 | They Still Love a Good Email

Gen X is known for their mix of communication styles. They appreciate face-to-face interactions and have adapted easily to the digital world. So remember employees should serve Gen X customers with a smile and fun attitude. But they still love a good email so don’t forget about sending them marketing newsletters directly to their inbox. No matter how you communicate, Gen X prefers straightforward and concise communication. 

5 | They Are Eco-Friendly

Organic and ethically-produced products and ingredients are in high demand with this generation. Be sure that your employees talk up your fresh or organic ingredients in person. Online, market your fresh ingredients and let Gen X know what your quick service restaurant is doing to give back to the community.

Key Takeaways

Think of Gen X as the bridge between more tech averse Boomers and tech savvy Millennials. They are comfortable in both the analog and digital worlds, but their busy life has them looking for fast and convenient service as well as good deals. Remember to keep all your communications with Gen Xers concise and to the point for optimum effectiveness!