Connecting Your People and Your Business

How We Help

  • Engage and Motive Through Gamification

    Nothing drives performance like competition!  We all respond to competition, and this can be revolutionary for your business.  Studies show that gamification can result in up to a 25% improvement in key performance indicators.  With QsrSoft TV, your teams can compete across one or many of your key performance metrics.

  • Increase Communication Effectiveness

    Studies show that only 40% of employees are well-informed of their organization’s goals, initiatives and opportunities. In a fast-paced customer service focused restaurant, communication is an even bigger challenge.  QsrSoft TV allows you to post messages to individual locations or organization wide messages.  Be creative since messages can be infinitely customizable and include media such as photos and video.

  • Increase Employee Retention

    Employee retention is more important than ever in today’s environment.  The cost of employee turnover is high and 77% of employees say they would be more likely to stay with their employer if they were receiving more recognition in the workplace.  With QsrSoft TV you can automate recognition for employee birthdays, anniversaries, employee of the month and other ad-hoc recognition.

Features & Integrations


The messaging area allows for both location-specific and company-wide messaging to be delivered to a restaurant. Hot topics of the moment are easily communicated right to the levels, allowing your employees to immediately take action.

Celebrating Employee Milestones

Posting employee milestones to the dashboard creates a fun and supportive work environment. The board allows you to easily post an employees birthday, anniversary, or other things like a Team Member of the Month.

Pin Board

The pin board is an extension of important items – like new product focuses, marketing initiatives, or important topics of the day. Bring these extensions of the location or company focuses right to the front lines, ensuring everyone is moving in a common direction to drive those current and important results.


The Reminder area allows for important activities to be communicated on a cadence when actions are needed – like hand-washing, utensil cleaning schedules – anything you need to be reminded of so that accountability can be achieved and action taken.


Weather can change in an instant – and can dramatically impact customer behaviors. The weather feature allows a restaurant to not only know what is happening at the moment outside their location, but will also notify them of upcoming weather changes that can allow them to make business changes to meet that weather challenge.

Media Uploads

A picture is worth a thousand words, so QsrSoft TV allows image uploads to add personalization to your alerts.

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