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Streamline Ops Through Process Digitization

Engage and Motivate with Communication and gamification

Manage Your People Processes More Effectively

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QSRSoft Forms

Running your small business is hard enough without having to manually track all of your processes. QSRSoft Forms can make that easier by enabling easy digitization of any paper process, including Food Safety. Your staff will love how accessible and easy these processes are and the ability to complete then on any internet connected device. Alerts and reports help ensure processes are completed thoroughly on time, every time.


Engaging with and communicating with your people is one of the most difficult things in any small business, especially if you have multiple locations. With QSRSoft TV, you can engage, motivate, communicate with, and recognize your entire workforce. Keep your team aligned with images and videos that provide company news and updates. KPI results can easily be shared, and your locations ranked, motivating the team towards excellence. Help improve employee morale by posting employee recognition along with milestones such as birthdays or employment anniversaries


People are the backbone of any business and usually the highest cost, making effective management of your workforce critical to your business success. QSRSoft provides a full suite of workforce modules to manage your employees from initial hire, to scheduling, to recording time and attendance and finally to sending their payroll data. Our HR and Scheduling software use the latest technology and can handle your small business needs flexibly and easily. Timekeeping software makes the time recording and processing simple and compliant with legal requirements, while saving you money and increasing accountability through time punch validation.