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QSRSoft Forms

Completion accountability for business processes is nearly impossible when they’re not digitized. Ditch pen and paper ad-hoc workflows and streamline your business with QSRSoft Forms. QSRSoft Forms is customizable with clicks and keystrokes allowing you to create forms for any processes you have. Automate assignments so that forms and tasks are sent straight to their intended recipient. Alerts and reports help ensure processes are completed thoroughly on time, every time.  Leverage the Digital Food safety functions to keep your employees and customers safe.


Want to rapidly boost your location’s results? QSRSoft TV is a centralized display in your location that’s all about connection, execution, communication, motivation, and retention. Motivate your team by comparing they results with results from your other locations. Communicate to all your employees with company- and location-specific messages. Recognize your team for great performance and for milestones like anniversaries and birthdays. Improve consistent execution with custom reminders for important tasks and processes.

QSRSoft Reports

Today’s businesses are overwhelmed with data from many sources. QSRSoft Reports brings your performance data together into one place so you can measure and analyze your results. Near real time data keeps you on top of current results while alerts can notify your team when thresholds have been crossed. Reports and graphs can easily be customized to meet your needs and are accessible from any internet connected device or through on of our mobile apps.

Workforce Management

People are the backbone of any business and usually the highest cost, making effective management of your workforce critical to your business success.  QSRSoft provides a full suite of workforce modules to manage your employees from initial hire, to scheduling, to recording time and attendance and finally to sending their payroll data.  Use the proprietary staffing analysis tool to recommend hiring and training activities.  Our Advanced forecasting engine and AI technology create accurate forecasts, employee shifts and name assignments all with the flexibility you need.  Timekeeping software makes the time recording and processing simple and compliant with legal requirements, while saving you money and increasing accountability through time punch validation.