Introducing QSRSoft TV+: Employee Communication and Engagement, Upgraded

The research is clear: to combat the astronomical turnover rate for restaurant staff (and QSRs in particular), we must prioritize employee communication and engagement. Our new and improved TV+ solution was designed specifically for QSRs to keep employees informed, motivated, and productive—improving ROI and revenue at the same time. Recently upgraded with a new interface, architecture that can handle network instability, and an increased number of data elements, QsrSoft TV+ uses gamification and recognition to improve workplace morale and get the best out of your employees. A major added bonus: it helps lowers turnover in the process. Here’s why QsrSoft TV+ is your new QSR secret weapon. 

Boost your employee engagement  

Serious about your success and growth? Then “employee engagement” is much more than a buzz word to you—you take it seriously. And to do that, you need the right employee communication tools to make an enjoyable, rewarding workplace a reality for your workers. 

Enter QSRSoft TV+, an innovative workplace communication tool that keeps employees energized and ready to meet their KPIs in a fun, recognition-focused environment. QSRSoft TV+ incorporates a mix of gamification tools and on-screen shoutouts to keep employees on track with their goal in a way they love. The system works with your back-of-house signage, letting you customize and display messages to your employees as the needs arise. This type of at-a-glance signage is especially effective for deskless employees like food service staff, who can quickly read your displays in between shifts, on breaks, or on the run.  

Want to keep employees clued in on the latest company news, announcements, and reminders? Looking to give a shoutout to employees with video clips, GIFs, memes, and other fun media they use every day and love? Wish you could turn your QSR into an energized environment that transforms work into a fun game? You can do it all with QSRSoft TV+. 

Improve performance through gamification  

The overwhelming majority of employees—82%, to be more specific—find that gamification in the workplace boosts morale, improves performance, and makes them happier at work. And 89% of them feel that gamification boosts their productivity. Goal-oriented games in the workplace are so effective that employees report working harder and feeling more satisfied as a result. How do you harness this performance driver in your QSR locations? 

The QSRSoft TV+ system lets you create games from your specific team and employee KPIs. The technology easily integrates your data, and lets you choose the metrics that are important to your organization. Use this data to create friendly competition between co-workers, teams, and even locations. Celebrate winners onscreen on your restaurant digital display, publicly recognizing them with customizable messages and interactive media. Watch your co-workers bond, their morale lift, and their performance improve as a result.  

Reduce turnover by recognizing your employees  

It’s no surprise that most employees who receive regular recognition at work are far less likely to leave their job. Who doesn’t need a little encouragement and positive feedback? Studies show that it’s not only nice to have at work—it’s a must for retaining workers. And here’s the proof: when workers are regularly shown appreciation for their work, they are 5x less likely to leave.  

But what if you don’t have time to personally thank and recognize every worker for reaching a milestone or crushing a goal? This is likely if you’re a QSR owner or manager who’s busy running multiple locations and trying to keep everything in working order. But don’t despair: QSRSoft TV+ provides the infrastructure you need to acknowledge and celebrate your employees for wins, both big and small. And best of all, it’s instant recognition—which is proven far more effective than when it’s given even 24 hours later.  Best of all, QSRSoft TV+ lets you shoutout employees at any time or for any reason—whether it’s a birthday message, welcoming a new hire, celebrating a team goal met, or simply turning an ordinary Tuesday into a party.   

Communicate clearly and easily to all employees  

Communication is the backbone of any successful business. Yet, lack of, or poor, communication in the workplace is all around us—and is one of the leading causes of employee turnover. And for QSRs, it’s even more important: between last-minute shift changes, important food handling reminders, and new menu items, QSR staff has a lot to juggle. But unlike desk workers, they can’t just sit down at a computer and check their email to get important workplace updates. To keep them in the loop, you need a tool made for deskless workers.  

The TV+ system puts all your important company messages on your QSR digital signage, so it’s accessible to your team while they’re on the go. On your end, you simply program your message to appear on some or all screens, and at any or all locations, and you’re done. And when the message changes, or you need to add a new one, QSRSoft TV+ lets you create it in seconds, and go live with it immediately. You can also choose which messages to push to which screens in any or all locations, which saves you time. And what restaurant owner or manager doesn’t need more of that? 

Plug-and-go solution makes you instantly operational  

Your employee engagement solution shouldn’t just be effective—it should be convenient. And what’s easier than a plug-and-play system like QSRSoft TV+ to make you instantly operational?  

The cloud-based QSRSoft TV+ solution works with a Fire TV Stick and any TV screen without the need for IT help or a complicated installation and setup. You’ll be up and running in seconds, and able to control your QSR signage from anywhere. So, whether you’re at a different location, in your living room, or on a beach somewhere, you can take it with you, and manage it from anywhere.  

Running a Great Restaurant Takes Great Tools 

At QSRSoft, we make it easier to run great restaurants. To this end, we’ve developed a suite of tools geared towards the restaurant industry. To learn more, visit or request a demo of TV+ or any of our digital tools today.  

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