Sustainable Practices in QSR: Balancing Environmental Responsibility with Operational Efficiency

3 Practices to Make Your Quick Service Restaurant More Sustainable and More Efficient

Today’s customers look to support businesses that share their values. One of those values that is so important to consumers these days, is that of sustainability and environmental responsibility. There are so many ways that you can make your quick service restaurant more sustainable and eco-friendly! In this article we’ll look at some of the best ways to improve your sustainable practices that make you, your employees and your customers happier!

Why is Sustainability so Important?

Sustainability is all about securing the future of the quick service restaurant industry, our communities and the Earth itself. But it goes way beyond that! A 2018 Study found that 83% of consumers wish or prefer to patronize restaurants with more environmentally friendly practices. And that means that sustainable practices can help build a loyal customer base, which means that you’ll see bigger returns on your sustainability initiatives! 

Now let’s take a look at 3 ways you can improve your operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. 

1 | Utilize QSRSoft!

QSRSoft offers tools and insights to help quick service restaurants implement sustainable practices, enabling you to balance environmental responsibility with operational efficiency seamlessly. There are so many benefits to using our suite of solutions but one of them is that switching over to our digital system cuts down on your paper waste and helps you communicate with employees with more efficiency. Not only can you save trees by printing less, but you can access the information and data you need about your quick service restaurant from anywhere at any time, making it so much more convenient for you. From analytic data to employee scheduling and communication, you can run your restaurant like a digital pro. Plus, our inventory solutions help you track your inventory in real time. That means you can say goodbye to over-purchasing food products that spoil and go to waste! Learn more about our efficient and sustainable digital solutions for quick service restaurants by requesting a demo today

2 | Increase Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is one of the biggest contributors to environmental destruction. But there are plenty of things you can do to reduce your energy consumption. Here are some things to try or consider:

  • Installing timers or motion detectors on lighting (like in restrooms or the back office)
  • Switch to low-energy LED lighting
  • Set the temp a little higher on your AC thermostat
  • Turn off your POS system at the end of each night shift

3 | Improve Appliance Efficiency

When your appliances aren’t running at their best, it can eat up a lot of energy–which hurts the Earth and your wallet when the monthly energy bill comes due. Keeping your appliances clean can help them run more efficiently, so be sure to set up a regular cleaning schedule. It’s also key that you schedule regular maintenance on your appliance to help them operate at their best. Not only does it save you money in the long-run and extends the life of your appliances, but it helps cut back on the cost of your energy bill. QSRSoft can help with both of these tasks! Our solutions can help you assign tasks like cleaning appliances to a particular employee as well as help you set up regular maintenance reminders. 

Putting It Into Practice

There are so many other things you can do, including using green cleaning products, greening up your supply chain and switching to smart appliances! But remember, sustainability in quick service restaurants starts with small steps. You can’t green up your business overnight. But with QSRSoft, we can get you several steps closer to more sustainable business practices while increasing operational efficiency!