Why Data Matters for Quick Service Restaurants

The big elephant in the room right now is data. You’ve probably heard that you should care, but it’s not always the most fun, or sexy, topic to focus on. There are plenty of other interesting things to focus on in your business besides data – that is, until you need the data to operate better. 

The reality is that in today’s world, leveraging data is vital. Any solid business advice has been teaching you to operate this way, by using facts, not feelings, to grow your restaurant. But, for many years, organizing and gathering said data was difficult and had to be done manually. The good news for any quick-serve restaurant owner is that this is not the case anymore; in today’s world gathering data for your business is extremely attainable. 

That’s exactly why we exist here at QSRSoft! We’re building out solutions to help restaurant owners collect, organize, and leverage data in a smart way. This allows you to make decisions to grow your restaurant, build your team, and operate more efficiently to meet your sales and growth goals. It’s that simple. 

You don’t have to bury your head in the sand or operate off of gut feelings alone to plan your next move. 

Data Helps You Personalize Your Plan

Should you expand to another location? 

How can you handle influxes in peak times for staff scheduling? 

How do you handle machine issues or equipment performance? 

How do you recognize suspicious activity around fraud? 

What and when do you need to address in your inventory? 

All of these questions and more are easily answered with the help of tools like QSRSoft that are actively mining, organizing, and analyzing the data around YOUR business to give you the information you need to scale and grow. These aren’t broad industry trends, but instead are reports and data around YOUR specific location or group of restaurants. You can truly personalize your business plan based on your own numbers. 

Data Helps You Move Fast

Technology allows you to make decisions quickly and efficiently. The old way of manually gathering data makes for a lot of time wasted doing the data and organizing. Instead, leveraging tools like QSRSoft’s suite of solutions can make it a snap. You can get real-time data in an instant and allow you to move efficiently and effectively in your business-making decisions. 

Data is Industry Standard

You’ve probably heard your franchise leaders, industry speakers, and business coaches talking about leveraging data for years now. This is nothing new, and with the rise of AI in restaurants, this concept of using data in your business is frankly the industry standard now. If you aren’t using technology to improve your data management strategy, you’re behind. As AI becomes bigger and bigger in the restaurant industry, you’ll need that data even more. Businesses that haven’t leveraged a smart data strategy are going to be left in the dust. The good news is the barrier to entry is much lower than years before, and tools like QSRSoft make it easy to get going with both a smart data strategy AND artificial intelligence. 

We’re big fans of data here at QSRSoft, and we’re proud to have helped so many restaurants use data to their advantage to grow and thrive. Data does matter greatly for the success of your quick-service restaurant and we’re here to help you make the right decisions to leverage it!